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  • When is the next class?
    Dates for CNA Courses Registration Ends January 9, 2023 - January 26,2023 Jan 3,2023 Feb 20,2023 -March 9,2023 Feb 13,2023 March 20,2023 -April 6,2023 Mar 13,2023 April 24,2023- May 11,2023 April 17,2023 June 12,2023 - June 29,2023 June 5,2023 July 17,2023 - August 3,2023 July 10,2023 August 28,2023 -September 14,2023 Aug 21,2023 September 25,2023 - October 12,2023 Sept 18,2023 *October 30,2023 -November 16,2023 ****Oct 16,2023 **** $500 Class first come first serve only has to paid before class begin for Oct class (15) students Last Class of the year Limited seat available first come first serve All classes are Day and Night. Night Classes only make if 5 students register.
  • How much is the nursing assistant course?
    Answer: The nursing assistant course is $600. October Course is $500 and has to be paid before class begin and the refresher course is $300.
  • Are there payment plans or discounts available?
    Answer: Yes, there are affordable payment plans available! Pay down 300 and 2 payments of 150. Pay down 200 and 2 payments of 200. with the $125 test fee paid before registering to take the state test. Due by the 2nd week of Class You set your own payment arrangement upon admission. We also Have After pay. Please call to receive up to $200 in discounts!!!!!
  • How long is ETNA nursing assistant program?
    Answer: It's a 13-day/ night training program no weekends it consists of 6 days/ nights online training and 7 Days/Night in person.
  • What if I have a learning or some type of disability?
    Answer: East Texas Nursing Academy does not discriminate those students with any type of disability we work with those students and around their schedule to make learning fun and understandable to complete the course and to take the state two part exam that also have accommodation for those students. Here at East Texas Nursing Academy every step we take together we teach those nursing assistants who are compassion with different learning styles and abilities that are passionate about caring for the public in several different settings we put extra time and effort into helping students understand and become knowledgeable to start their future in Healthcare. WE DON'T GIVE UP ON YOU IF YOU DON'T GIVE UP ON YOU!!!
  • Is everything included in the $600?
    Answer: YES, tuition, book & workbook, background and EMR check, faucet skill video., handouts, uniform top and badge, insurance, test prep, test setup, lab supplies and Extras needed for clinicals that are all included in the $600 fee. Other fees $60 registration (nonrefundable fee) and $40 CPR Certification if needed and State test fee $125
  • If I have a Job do you accommodate around schedules?
    Yes, please let us know up front and we will try to accommodate as much as possible where all requirements are met.
  • What all do I need to apply?
    Answer: Email ( or Call (903-424-4541) the school to set up a registration appointment. If we are busy attending to other students, please leave a message and we will contact you within 24 hours or start registration through our website. For registration please bring: A copy of driver's license or state issued ID. Social Security card High school diploma or GED required if completed. Down payment and $60 registration fee can be paid with Online registration or in person.
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